Snoring? You could have Sleep Apnea

Disordered sleep or sleep apnea is a common affliction affecting approximately 10% of the population.  It usually occurs as we get older but can even affect children.  There are many secondary effects of this condition besides the feeling of tiredness during the day.  If you have gained weight recently or have a neck size bigger than 17 inches and wake up tired you should consider taking a sleep study.

A quick and easy screening test is called the Epworth Sleepiness test.  You can take this test but following this link:  If you have a total of 9 or above you should talk to your primary care doctor or a sleep physician about a sleep study.  If you are diagnosed with sleep apnea we can help you avoid the use of a CPAP with its mask and hoses by using an FDA approved oral appliance.

Click here for more on Sleep Apnea or call us for more information on 856-424-7177


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