Root canal or Implant? Know your options

Is it better to save the tooth or place an implant? Sometimes that is a difficult question to answer. Sometimes the tooth needs endodontic treatment (root canal) to save the tooth. Endodontic treatment is very successful, but if there is a question regarding the long term viability of the tooth the alternative may be to be to place an implant. Implants are also very successful.  Faced with this dilemma what is the right thing to do?  If the endodontist and your restorative dentist believe the tooth can be saved and the cost of treatment is less than the cost of implant treatment it makes sense to save the tooth, however; if the cost of saving the tooth is more than the cost of the implant treatment it usually makes more sense to have the tooth extracted and an implant placed.  The final decision should of course be made with the input of your restorative dentist.